Adaptable Recovery Strategies, collection solutions

At LCS Financial, we balance the use of innovative collection strategies with professionalism, compliance and borrower care to deliver quality results. While we are able to recover on all types of early stage and charged-off receivables, we specialize in the recovery of mortgage, auto and student loans. No matter the type of receivable, our objective remains the same: Adaptable strategies tailored for your success.


Portfolio Analytics

Our adaptable approach to recovery starts with analyzing portfolio, account and borrower information, and then adjusting our recovery strategy based on these results. [more]
  • Trending analytics predict portfolio performance by using over 20 years of historical data
  • Four-tier account scoring platform determines the most effective collection strategy
  • Borrower financial profiling improves communication dialogue
  • Account scrubbing against real-time bankruptcy data redirects files to a specialized bankruptcy department

Dynamic Account Investigation

We utilize dynamic and effective investigative tools to ensure that our recovery teams have all the critical borrower and collateral information needed to enhance recovery. [more]
  • Comprehensive skip tracing technology
  • In-house skip tracing professionals with superior research skills
  • Credit bureau reports & asset searches
  • Collateral value and condition research including BPOs and appraisals
  • Property lien searches

Collection Techniques

From customizing our collection strategy to tailoring our dialogue with the borrower, we improve recovery performance on early stage and charged-off debt. [more]
  • Tailored collection strategies based on scoring analytics, portfolio attributes, type of debt and client objectives
  • Customizable collection software that incorporates debt-specific data thereby increasing workflow efficiency
  • Utilization of specific data points such as the score, balance and age of the account to maximize right party contacts
  • Routine collector audit, score-card, and coaching ensure compliance, borrower care and recovery success
  • Multilingual professionals available to communicate with a diverse borrower base
  • Targeted letter campaigns increase borrower response resulting in higher liquidation
  • Legal Referral Program to Stawiarski & Associates P.C., and its nationwide network of collection attorneys
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