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Backed By
More Than 30 years
of Recovery Experience

LCSTM Financial  is a full-service collection agency with the expertise and scalability to manage high volume debt portfolios. Trusted by top financial institutions, we drive recovery results with adaptable collection strategies, professionalism and compliance. 

Under our affiliate LCS Capital, LLC (Certified Debt Buyer #: C1603-1079), we are certified as a family of companies with Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) as a Certified Collection Agency under certification number 1603-1079(2).  For more information, see RMAI’s Consumer Resources page.

RMAI Certified Chief Compliance Officer:
Leo C. Stawiarski, Jr.
Certification Number: P1603-1185
LCS Financial Services Corporation
6782 S Potomac St., Suite 100
Centennial, CO 80112

If you would like to send us a dispute or complaint you can contact us at
For Auto Accounts: 855-236-1105
For All Other Accounts: 866-662-9087
Email: [email protected]
Or by filling out this form

  • Licensed in all 50 states
  • Scalable infrastructure to manage high volume portfolios
  • Full-service bankruptcy department
  • Diligent compliance and audit departments
  • Celebrating 30 years of experience in high balance debt recovery
  • Customized strategies designed to adapt in the shifting economic environment
  • Specialized short sale and loss mitigation teams
  • Legal Referral Program to its nationwide network of collection attorneys
  • American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI)
    Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA)
    Better Business Bureau Membership and Accreditation (BBB)
    Consumer Bankers Association (CBA)
    Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA)
    Receivables Management Association International (RMAI)

  • LCSTM Financial is an affiliate of LCSTM Receivables Management, LLC, with our affiliated companies, we are spanning the recovery spectrumTM from loan servicing and nationwide collections to debt acquisition and sales.

We understand the immense challenges our customers are facing in this ever-changing economic environment. Just keeping pace with today isn’t enough any more. We recognize the fundamental impact today’s circumstances have on tomorrow, and plan accordingly for the future needs and expectations of our clients. 

At LCSTM Financial, our vision is to revolutionize recoveries. We see the challenges of today as an opportunity to lead, to innovate, and to create meaningful solutions that result in recovery success and profitability for our clients. We go beyond expectations and raise the bar to set new recovery standards for the industry.


Now is the time to help shape the new world of receivables management. 

At LCSTM Financial, we are always looking for talented individuals who embrace our company’s core values and bring new skills and innovative ideas to our team. If you think you might be a good fit for our company, check out our postings below and email your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

To view current openings, please click on the link: 

We believe that our core values are the ingredients to true leadership and are the key drivers of innovation and progress.

  • The ability to adapt to an ever-changing industry and economic climate.  At LCSTM Financial, our quick and nimble approach breeds innovation and leadership.

  • The ability to respect and focus on the interests of others, rather than our own. And, by doing so, make decisions that are in the best interest of our clients, while treating borrowers with dignity and respect. 

  • The ability to demonstrate honesty and ethics in our actions and words; both personally and professionally. We seek to employ individuals who demonstrate that they will make sound, thoughtful and ethical decisions.

  • The ability to be thoughtful and analytical in our decision making. We seek to identify risks and benefits, weigh their relative impact, and then make well-informed decisions with our clients.

  • The ability to be creative and adaptable in our problem solving, services and overall thinking. This includes the ability to predict industry and economic challenges in a way that creates innovative solutions.  

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