Auto Finance
Recovery Solutions

Maximize recoveries, increase profitability & maintain control

Our auto finance recovery solutions are uniquely managed and supported by in-house auto recovery professionals who understand the needs and challenges facing auto finance and specialty finance companies today. Whether you’re seeking full-service outsourcing or stage-specific assistance, LCS Financial Services Corporation can provide you with affordable, proactive solutions that increase revenue and maximize your recoveries.

  • For your business:

    • Full-service outsourcing
    • Account specialist dedicated to your daily needs
    • Custom reporting – monthly, quarterly or upon request
    • 24/7 online access to your accounts
    • Comprehensive skip tracing
    • Expert consultation on difficult files
    • Bankruptcy monitoring
    • National legal referral program

    For your customers: 

    • Pre- and post-charge of communication attempts
    • Score-cards and phone audits regularly monitor collector performance for borrower care
    • Multilingual representatives and extended call center hours
    • Wide variety of payment options including ACH and location-based cash payments
    • Customized solutions tailored to your specific lending niche
    • Increase recoveries faster and more efficiently
    • Gain collections expertise, technology, and compliance without investment
    • Retain control throughout the process
    • Maintain your customer relationships
    • One point of contact saves time and increases recoveries
    • Gain resources to free-up your staff, allowing them to focus on the business of auto lending
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We can help you take a more proactive recovery approach, reaching out to members earlier and more consistently for higher recovery gains. Let's talk about how we can help you

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