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 Website Privacy Policy
Last Updated: 7/16/2024

Introduction Thank you for visiting (the “Site”). LCS™ Financial Services Corporation (“LCS Financial,” “we” or “us”), consider your right to online privacy of utmost importance. We recognize that when you choose to disclose information about yourself, you trust LCS Financial to act in a responsible manner. That’s why we have put this privacy policy in place to better explain how we use your personal information.

This privacy policy applies to all users who interact with the Site, as well as all other anonymous users as described in further detail below (collectively “users” or “you”). This privacy policy covers all information collected through the Site. It does not, however, apply to web sites that we do not own or control (“Third Party Sites”); nor does it apply to the use of your information by entities or persons with whom we are not affiliated (see our “Linking Policy” set forth below).

The Site is provided for information purposes only, and the information contained herein must not be relied on as credit or legal advice. The information contained in this Site is provided only as general information. Because it is only updated periodically, such information may or may not reflect the most current information available to us; we cannot guarantee that it is correct or complete at any particular time. Further, we have no control over and do not guarantee the accuracy of information available through any Third-Party links contained in this Site.

Visitors to this Site should not assume that information contained in this web site is up to date or rely upon any such information for any purpose without first seeking independent advice. Your provision of information to us directly or via the Site does not create or result in any relationship between us and you, whether as credit advisor-consumer, attorney-client, or otherwise. Nothing contained in this Site should be construed to constitute a recommendation or endorsement of any product, service, or site by us.

By using or accessing the Site, you agree to our privacy practices outlined in this privacy policy.

Personally Identifiable Information
You may interact with us in a variety of ways, including via a mobile device. We may offer information and interaction which does not require registration. We may also offer the ability to register for access to your account information online. We collect certain personally identifiable information, including without limitation, your name, full or partial social security number, account number(s), e-mail address, mailing address and/or date of birth (collectively, but not exclusively, “Personally Identifiable Information”) that you provide under the “Contact Us,” customer portal, email, chat, or any other feature on the Site.  You are not required to provide any such Personally Identifiable Information in order to use the Site.  However, to the extent you desire to contact LCS Financial, we require that you submit such Personally Identifiable Information as is necessary for us to identify you and the matter about which you are contacting us. Additionally, we may collect other Personally Identifiable Information you provide LCS Financial through any other communication method, including without limitation, mail, e-mail, telephone, text message, chat, and/or fax.  

We may disclose Personally Identifiable Information that you provide to affiliates of LCS Financial and/or to unaffiliated third parties related to the collection of debt, provided that any such disclosure will be made in compliance with applicable consumer credit regulations. We will not give, sell or otherwise transfer any Personally Identifiable Information obtained to any other party for the purpose of enabling such other party to initiate, or to enable others to initiate, unsolicited commercial messages to you.  By using this Site, you agree to the transfer, collection, processing, and use of Personally Identifiable Information by LCS Financial, its affiliates, and/or third parties for the purposes of debt collection.

The importance of security for all Personally Identifiable Information collected on the Site and transmitted to and from our Site is important to us. Your Personally Identifiable Information collected on the Site will be protected using security methods that meet current industry standard SSL encryption technology.

You recognize and understand that you are not required to provide us with your Personally Identifiable Information and any and all Personally Identifiable Information provided by you to us is with your full consent, own volition, and desire to provide such Personally Identifiable Information. You also understand that we are under no obligation to verify the source from which the Personally Identifiable Information about you is provided to us, and that such disclosures to us are deemed to have been provided directly by you or with your full consent.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information
We may keep track of the pages visited by each user. Our web server may automatically collect some information about you when you request pages from our server, including your IP address. Your IP address is a number that is used by computers connected to the Internet to identify your computer so that data (such as the web pages you request) can be sent to you. We may aggregate this data with data on the pages visited by other users to track overall visitor traffic patterns in order to improve the Site by making it more responsive to the needs and preferences of our users. This information does not identify you personally. We refer to this type of information in this privacy policy as “Non-Personally Identifiable Information.”

We may use cookies and web beacons to collect Non-Personally Identifiable Information from the Site. A cookie is an entry in a text file or folder on your hard drive. A web beacon is a file located on the Site that tracks your viewing of pages within the Site.  We can only read cookies from our own Site. You may choose to disable cookies in your browser. If you choose to disable cookies, you can still access many of the pages within the Site.

Policy Updates and Effective Date
If we make updates to this privacy policy, we will update this privacy policy with the changes and revise the “date of most recent update” posted at the top of this Policy. Any updates to this privacy policy become effective when we post the updates on the Site. To the extent permitted by applicable law, your use of the Site following the
update to this privacy policy means that you accept the updated privacy policy.

Information Sales and Transfers
We do not sell any personal information for any purpose. This office is a debt collector and any information obtained by us is used for that purpose alone.  To the extent that any data collected is transferred by us, it is solely for the purpose of debt collection.

Linking Policy
You may choose to visit Third-Party Sites through “Links” or “Banner Ads” that are provided on the Site as a convenience to you.  When you click on Links and/or Banner Ads on our Site that direct you to Third-Party Sites you will see a “pop up” alert notifying you that you will be leaving the Site.  Please be aware that a Link or Banner Ad to or from a Third-Party Site does not imply that we endorse the content on or the business of the Third-Party Site. You are responsible for determining the integrity and reliability of the information on the Third-Party Site. In accordance with our Terms of Use, we are not responsible for the content, accuracy, or opinions expressed on any Third-Party Site. We will not, and are under no obligation to, investigate, monitor or check the Third-Party Sites for accuracy or completeness, or for any obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic, indecent, profane, defamatory or unlawful content or materials. If you decide to leave the Site and access a Third-Party Site, you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for the privacy policies applicable to Third Party Sites. Once you link to a Third-Party Site, this privacy policy is no longer in effect.

Children’s Privacy
It is our policy to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 and all other applicable laws affecting use of websites by children under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect any Personally Identifiable Information from children under the age of 13, nor do we advertise or market our Site to children. The services provided by LCS Financial are not the types of services that generate interest by or are marketed to children. We have no reason to believe that this Site will attract children, or that children will access this Site or provide Personally Identifiable Information to us.

Data Retention
We will keep Personally Identifying Information no longer than necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this Notice. Under our record retention policy, we are required to destroy Personally Identifying Information after we no longer need it according to specific retention periods. However, we may need to hold Personally Identifying Information beyond these retention periods due to regulatory requirements or in response to a regulatory audit, investigation, or other legal matter. These requirements also apply to our third-party service providers.

For more information about federal and state consumer rights, see Consumer Rights. Your California Privacy Rights Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
If you are a California resident, you have the right to receive: (a) information identifying any third-party company(ies) to whom we may have disclosed, within the previous calendar year, your Personally Identifiable Information for that company’s direct marketing purposes; and (b) a description of the categories of Personally Identifiable Information disclosed. To obtain such information, please email your request to [email protected].  Pursuant to California law, California residents can opt out of the sale of their information by clicking the “Do Not Sell My Information” button on our home page.

The CCPA defines a “sale” as the disclosure of Personal Data for monetary or other valuable consideration. LCS Financial does not sell and has not, at any time, sold Personal Data, including Sensitive Personal Data that is subject to the CCPA’s sale limitation. LCS Financial has never shared Personal Data for cross-context behavioral advertising within the scope of CCPA. We do not sell or share Personal Data of California residents 16 years of age and younger.

If you are a California resident, you have the right to request that we:

1. Disclose to you the following information covering the 12-month period prior to your request (“Request to know”):
     a. The categories of Personal Data we collected about you and the categories of sources from which we collected the Personal Data;
     b. The business or commercial purpose for collecting Personal Data about you;
     c. The categories of third parties to whom we disclosed Personal Data about you, and the categories of Personal Data disclosed; and
     d. The specific pieces of Personal Data we collected about you;

2. Delete Personal Data we collected from you (“Request to Delete”).

3. Correct inaccurate personal information that we maintain about you (“Request to Correct”).

In addition, you have the right to be free from discrimination by a business for exercising your CCPA privacy rights, including the right as an employee, applicant, or independent contractor not to be retaliated against for exercising your CCPA privacy rights.

How to Make Requests
If you are a California resident, you can make a Request to Know, Delete, or Correct by:

     1. Contacting us at 1-866-662-9087; or
     2. Submitting your request via email to [email protected].

We will ask you to provide the following information to identify yourself:

  • Name, contact information, social security or individual taxpayer identification number, date of birth; and
  • A copy of government issued photo ID. We accept your Driver’s license, State ID, or Matricula Card.

When you make a Request to Know, Delete, or Correct, we will attempt to verify that you are who you say you are. For example, we will attempt to match information that you provide in making your Request with other sources of similar information to reasonably verify identity.

Responding to Requests
Privacy and data protection laws, other than the CCPA, apply to much of the Personal Data that we collect, use, and disclose. When these other laws apply, Personal Data may be exempt from, or outside the scope of, a request to Know, Delete, or Correct. For example, information subject to certain federal privacy laws, such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability, is exempt from CCPA Requests. As a result, we may decline all, or part of your Request related to exempt Personal Data. This means that we may not provide some, or all, of this Personal Data when you make a Request to Know. Also, we may not delete or correct some, or all, of this Personal Data when you make a Request to Delete or Correct. As examples, our processing of or response to a Request to Know, Delete, or Correct may not include some or all of the following Personal Data:

Consumer Accounts. 
Personal Data connected with consumer accounts used for personal, family, or household purposes. We have other privacy notices providing certain information on use and sharing of this data, for example, the Consumer Privacy Notice.

The types of Personal Data described above are examples. We have not listed all types of Personal Data that may not be included when we respond to or process Requests to Know, Delete, or Correct. In addition to the above examples, we may not include Personal Data when we respond to or process Requests to Know, Delete, or Correct when the CCPA recognizes another exception. For example, we will not provide the Personal Data about another individual when doing so would adversely affect the data privacy rights of that individual. As another example, we will not delete Personal Data when it is necessary to maintain that Personal Data to comply with a legal obligation.
We will verify and respond to your request consistent with applicable law, taking into account the type and sensitivity of the Personal Data subject to the request.

Authorized Agents
If you are a California resident, you may authorize an agent to make a request on your behalf. A California resident’s authorized agent may make a request on behalf of the California resident by using the submission methods listed above under “How To Make Requests.” As part of our verification process, we may request that you provide, as applicable:

For an individual (“requestor”) making a request on behalf of a California resident:

  • The requestor’s name; contact information; social security or individual taxpayer identification number; date of birth; and Driver’s License, State ID, or Matricula Card.
  • The name; contact information; social security or individual taxpayer identification number; date of birth; and Driver’s License, State ID, or Matricula Card of the California resident on whose behalf the request is being made.
  • A document to confirm that the requestor is authorized to make the request. We may accept, as applicable, a signed permission by the California resident on whose behalf the request is made, copy of a power of attorney, legal guardianship or conservatorship order, or a birth certificate of a minor if the requestor is the custodial parent.

For a company or organization (“legal entity requestor”) making a request on behalf of a California resident:

  • The legal entity requestor’s active registration with the California Secretary of State.
  • Proof that the California resident has authorized the legal entity requestor to make the request. We accept as applicable, a signed permission by the California resident on whose behalf the request is made, copy of power of attorney, or legal guardianship or conservatorship order.
  • The name; contact information; Social Security or individual taxpayer identification number; data of birth; and driver’s license, state ID, or Matricula card of the California resident on whose behalf the request is being made. From the individual who is acting on behalf of the legal entity requestor, proof that the individual is authorized by the legal entity requestor to make the request. We accept a letter on the legal entity requestor’s letterhead, signed by an officer of the organization. We provide a template to use via the URL provided above for making requests.

Deidentified Information
Where we maintain or use deidentified information, we will continue to maintain and use the deidentified information only in a deidentified fashion and will not attempt to re-identify the information.

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