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Student Loan
Recovery Solutions

Consistent, Proactive & Proven Results

Outstanding student loan balances now easily exceed $1 trillion – falling second only to mortgage. Not only is student loan debt on the rise, borrowers are going delinquent at a faster rate than other loan types. In third quarter 2013, student loans had the largest total balance of newly-delinquent accounts (defined by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as 30+ days past due).

The only way to manage this type of debt is to expect and plan for more delinquencies. With over 30 years of industry expertise, our recovery solutions are uniquely managed and supported by professionals who understand the collection nuances and challenges facing the education industry today. Whether you’re seeking full-service outsourcing or stage-specific assistance, we can provide you with affordable, proactive solutions to help you recover more.


Source: “Why Everyone Keeps Talking About Student Loans.” December 2013.

  • For your organization: 

    • Full-service outsourcing
    • Account specialist dedicated to your daily needs
    • Custom reporting – monthly, quarterly or upon request
    • 24/7 online access to your accounts
    • Comprehensive skip tracing
    • Expert consultation on difficult files
    • Bankruptcy monitoring
    • National legal referral program

    For your borrowers: 

    • Pre- and post-charge of communication attempts
    • Score-cards and phone audits regularly monitor collector performance for member care
    • Multilingual representatives and extended call center hours
    • Wide variety of member payment options including ACH and location-based cash payments
    • Customized solutions tailored to your industry and your recovery needs
    • Increase recoveries faster and more efficiently
    • Gain collections expertise, technology, and compliance without investment
    • Retain control throughout the process
    • Maintain your borrower relationships
    • One point of contact saves time and increases recoveries
    • Gain resources to free-up staff, allowing them to focus on the business of lending

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